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A Place for all your Metaphysical needs.

From Spirits to Spells you will find it here. If you don't please send us an email! We are not happy unless you and your spirit family are happy.

We work hard to offer the best customer service. Personal attention is our number one.

Welcome to the one website where you are number one!

Unlike eBay I will accept all forms of payment. Even personal checks. Please feel free to email me for details.

All items that have found homes will be removed within 48 hours. Please copy the info to keep for your records. Once I delete it I cannot get it back for you. If you see something sold in my store that means payment is pending. If you feel a pull towards it please let me know in case the sell is not completed.

Willing to hold almost any item with a deposit. Deposits are not refundable. Please do not ask me to hold a item without a small deposit as this is unfair to the spirits and other people.

Free Gifts With Each Purchase!

The law states you must be at least 18 years of age to view this site.

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SALE - Valkyrie White Arts Wish Granter * Guardian Who Has The Ability To Love!
New 3X Pendant Of Spells Manifest Happiness Brings Love and Even Gambling Luck.
Pixie Pair Bringers Of Joy Happiness Laughter Healing and Spirit Communication
Lucky Gaki - Has Huge Heart and Huge Magickal Abilities OOAK Spirit!
Ifrit Djinn - A No Nonsense Wish Granter - Works Fast and Safe
Banshee - Issues Warnings That Can Save Lives * Guides Keeper In Understanding Afterlife
Sila Djinn - Companion Shape Shifter Entity Boost Learning Abilities and Memory - Wish Granter
Level 7 Male Caladrius - Divination, Intuition, Aura Repair and Precognition
Queen Sabine's Voodoo Love Spell! A Life Long Spell That Will Adjust To Your Life!
Most Powerful Spell Of Psychic Gifts Medium Abilities and Aura Repair
Baby Camelot Fairy - Sweet Loving and Very Magickal!
Ridanrius Elf - Loyal Dark Arts Elf Delivers Punishing Vengeance To Enemies Protector and Guide To Keeper and Spirit Family
Prince Blue Dragon - Elite Line Of Royals Amazing Glamours Illusions Makes Dreams Come True
The Book Of Conjuring Entities and Spirits Of All Kinds
VooDoo Sabine's Home and Family Protection - Daily Removal and Cleansing
God Astral Malichai Djinn * Time Travel Astral Travel and Unlimited Wishes
HOLD Level 7 Harpy - Spell Casting and Spell Boosting Protector
SALE The Chalices Of Witches and Sorcerers! One Gives Blessings and One Takes The Bad OOAK
SALE Marid Djinn White Dragon Hybrid Most Powerful White Art Entity To Serve A Human
Bronwyn Angel - Makes Dreams Come True - Money Success and Fame!
SALE 3X Money Luck and Success Spell
Waif Fae - Most Magickal Of Fae Healer Stress Relief Removal Of Evil and Sweet!
Be A Goddess - Spell For Beauty Youth Power Success and Love
Problem Solving Book - Write Down Problems and Watch Then Be Solved!
Truth Spell - Ask Anything and Learn The Truth
Ghul Djinn Black Dragon Hybrid With Major Money Abilities * Can Bring Fame!
Sun Dragon - Gives The Gift Of Mind Control Powerful Spell Work For An Array Of Blessings
New 3X Pendant Of Spells Manifest Happiness Brings Love and Even Gambling Luck.
Shaitan Djinn - Skilled At Gray To Dark Magick - Money Cars and Riches Can Soon Be Yours
Mananggal Vampire - Huge Youth Anti-Aging Magick - Sex Love Success and So Much More Await You!